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Welcome to Mission Dental, located in the bay area. Our staff and doctors believe in a healthy gentle approach to dentistry. Serving the bay area for over 35 years, we have a close-knit team of dental professionals that can help solve your dental needs no matter what they may be.

We are committed to providing the highest standard of dental care. We also accept most dental insurances and we can work with your financial needs. If you have a fear of dentistry or just get a little uneasy in the chair, don’t worry. Our gentle dentists and staff have all been trained to accommodate those who are a bit nervous. Read more the about our pain-free dentistry.

Your treatment and care is our top priority. Start on the right track to a healthy mouth. Please contact our office today for an appointment or to answer any questions you might have. Come relax in one of our clean-modern facilities. We look forward to seeing you soon!

A Gentle Dentist Makes For Better Health

Chances are, you hate going to the dentist. There are all of those bright lights in your eyes, the whine of the drill, the prick of the needle, or anesthetic that lasts for hours afterward, leaving you numb and drooling. In fact, many people dislike going to the dentist so much that they don’t get their regular checkups, which can lead to even worse problems.

Thankfully, new advances in both medical science and patient care can make a trip to the dentist’s office much easier. “Gentle,” or “Pain-Free” dentists offer many ways of easing your anxiety and pain, so you can get healthier, less traumatic dental care.

For instance, if you hate having needles stuck in your gums, you may be able to try a patch instead. Patches can diffuse anesthetic into the gums without an injection, and modern anesthetics such as lidocaine are longer-lasting and more localized than older painkillers. Or, if a shot is still required, a patch can still be used to numb the injection site. Another new technology automatically injects anesthetic at a precise rate, more slowly than most dentists, which also eases pain significantly

Many new technologies even make dentistry safer and more efficient. One such breakthrough is the use of lasers for soft tissue work, which is less painful and more efficient than knives. Drills can be electrically powered, instead of pneumatically, which makes them quieter. And drills have smaller, sharper teeth, which lead to smaller cuts.

One day, drills may even be eliminated entirely due to air abrasion, which operates like a sandblaster. Air abrasion is almost pain-free without anesthetic, and is more precise than regular drills

New composite fillings look more natural and are better for your teeth than traditional metal fillings.

Of course, a large part of the fear and stress associated with the dentist’s office begins before the work even starts. Gentle dentists have received special training to help you feel more relaxed before they even start working. Even the most fearful patients should have a much better time at a pain-free or gentle dentist facility. Don’t let fear of the dentist keep you away from healthy teeth. Try a gentle or pain-free dentist instead, and experience the difference for yourself.